Terms and conditions

Refund policy:

Full refunds are provided when bookings are cancelled for genuine reasons with at least 7 days notice. In cases of emergencies such as natural disasters or for reasons outside the control of the passengers, we can consider full refunds for shorter periods. No refunds will apply for cancellations that occur 24 hours prior to the agreed time, except in extreme circumstances, where partial refunds may apply. 

Delivery of services: 

Booking times for all services will be guaranteed for the agreed time unless flights, connecting services or unforeseen traffic conditions disrupt pick-up/drop-off times in which case we will contact you via the details you have provided. Our office will monitor Flight Schedules and adjust times where necessary.

Payment process: 

Transaction amounts are determined by the services you select. Once you confirm the services you will be required to enter payment information. Online payments are processed after all details and charges of the booking are finalised and agreed in writing via email or online booking form. In some cases you will be unable to pay for specific services without directly contacting our office for service specification (e.g weddings, tours etc) before a final price can be reached.


Vouchers are single use only and strictly expire 12 months from date of purchase. Please ensure you redeem it prior to that. Vouchers are not exchangeable for cash, either in part or whole. Bookings using vouchers are subject to vehicle availability and use of voucher must be declared at time of booking. Minimum fare charges are $90 and any shortfall in voucher value will need to be paid at time of booking.

Hobart Orientation Tour

If you never visited Hobart before, why not take a Hobart Orientation Tour? For a little more than the cost of an airport transfer, we can show you Hobart and its sights before taking you to your accommodation.

Mount Wellington Tour

Experience travelling in the sensational Tesla S luxury car effortlessly climbing to the summit of Mount Wellington. For the best view in Hobart why not experience it in the best car in the world?

Inbound Airport Transfer

Make your trip from the airport to the City a ride to remember in the super quiet zero emissions, all electric, Tesla S.